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Best Thermal Imaging Cameras 2018

Below is the list of best thermal image cameras. When we say best, we mean the ones that are best all around so that you get the most value for your money. Check out our quick reviews to weigh their pros and cons.

Also known as infrared cameras, thermal imaging cameras are used for a variety of applications, ranging from military to commercial. They come with different features and price tags.

These cameras are very effective in mapping heat signature of buildings, electronics, circuits and other objects. A wide range of these cameras are available on the market today.

10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras 2018

Best Budget: FLIR E6

The FLIR E6 is an all-purpose thermal imaging camera with a 160 x 120 resolution, image capture functionality, rechargeable battery and accurate temperature measurements.

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Accurately determine the heat-related issues in electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems by using the FLIR E6 camera. It provides exceptionally crisp thermal images with great detail by using the FLIR Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging technology. This technology allows you to overlay vital image details such as signs and numbers on top of the thermal mapping.

As a result, you are able to discern the exact location of different temperatures without the need to consult real images. In its range, the FLIR E6 is the best affordable IR camera that offers the full range of features. It is powered with a rechargeable Lithium ion battery that has a quick-release button.

The camera has a 160 x 120 resolution which lets you see the thermal images very clearly. Conveniently located buttons and controls allow you to toggle between different settings easily and quickly. E6 supports Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can instantly record images and shared them over Wi-Fi with other devices and users.

Best under $1000: FLIR E4

The FLIR E4 is a basic thermal camera that packs all the right features together with a rugged design, intuitive usability, good battery timings and multiple image modes.

If you are looking for a thermal camera that gives you basic thermal imaging with a full range of relevant features, look no farther than E4. The E4 is the perfect combination of performance and durability.

It is the best camera for the price range. It has the iconic FLIR rugged design which means that it can undergo some serious rough usage. Despite the rugged design, the camera is very light-weight which makes it perfect for a variety of heat detection applications.

You can use a variety of modes when capturing images using this camera. The MSX technology allows you to draw in digital camera features and overlay them over the IR camera images. The end result is that you can see the heat signatures mapped over very realistic images which allow you to see the location of heat signatures very accurately.

Despite these advanced features, E4 is the incredibly affordable and is the best low cost camera for the budget range.

Best for Apple iOS iPhone/Android USB-C, Micro USB: FLIR One Pro

Turn your smartphone into a fully-functional thermal camera with the FLIR One Pro and find leaks, electrical problems and other heat detections with great ease and convenience.

When comes to the most awesome iPhone and Android accessories, FLIR One Pro sits among the top few. This brilliantly designed and nifty device has a very compact profile and connects to a smartphone via a USB port.

Inside the smartphone, the FLIR One app automatically recognized the device and allows you start taking precise temperature measurements right away. You can also perform a variety of other radiometry tasks with the device.

The FLIR One Pro camera features a visual resolution of 1440 x 1080 and uses a super-resolution processing technology known as VividIR. This results in exceptionally crisp and sharp thermal images. You can easily detect temperatures when finding electrical problems, water or energy leaks and other heat-related issues.

Once the FLIR One Pro has captured an image, you can use various in-app tools to analyze it. You can also share it using Wi-Fi connectivity.

Best for Home Inspection: FLIR E8

FLIR E8 is a compact thermal imaging camera that is perfect for home inspection thanks to precise temperature measurements, crisp resolution and image capture functions.

FLIR E8 comes with a rugged design which makes it perfect for some rough-and-tough usage. The design of the camera features ergonomically placed buttons which allow easy and intuitive operation, making it perfect for home inspection.

It features a superior resolution at 320 x 240 which makes its results far better than most other cameras in the same range. Every time you pull the trigger of this compact camera, it stores the thermal images complete with all the temperature data for later analysis. It can also detect minute temperature changes which makes it an excellent device for electrical detection as well as for leak detection.

You can overlay thermal images captured from this camera over digital photos to better understand the temperature mapping. E8 comes equipped with Wi-Fi functionality.

This provides great ease in transferring the thermal imagery from the camera to another device or with other users without the need for plugging it in.

Best for Fire Service: FLIR K65

Flir K65 is designed to be incredibly rugged and comes with a plethora of user-intuitive features and functions which makes it perfect for firefighters.

Firefighters need thermal image cameras they can rely on. These cameras need to be rugged so that they can withstand rough handling. They also must be able to offer accurate thermal mapping in sensitive situations so that the firefighters can do their job right.

This is where FLIR K65 comes in. This camera is specifically designed for firefighters. It features an incredibly durable body so that it can face a two-meter drop, usage in unusually high temperatures and water sprays without incurring any damage. It delivers a solid performance, accurately identifying various temperature ranges in a scene.

This makes it easier for firefighting personnel to locate and rescue any individuals trapped inside a building on fire. FLIR has placed the buttons on this camera so that they are easy and intuitive to access and use.

For fire service professionals, this means that they can easily toggle between different views and features without wasting any time.

Best for Horses: FLIR T640

Identify trauma, injury and pain in horses precisely with this cutting-edge IR camera that comes equipped with a 4.3-inch built-in touch screen, high-resolution display and Wi-Fi capabilities.

The FLIR T640 is a comprehensive thermal imaging tool that gives you a full range of advanced features. Featuring a pixel-rich 640 x 480 display, this IT camera provides excellent detail and precise temperature mapping on a 4.3-inch touchscreen.

The screen has auto-orientation which lets you automatically switch between portrait and landscape view. A very intuitive user interface enables you to choose the right options and toggle between various settings with ease. The camera has a focal length of 25mm and a 30Hz image frequency. You can choose from continuous, manual or one-shot focus when taking images with the camera.

Perfect for equine thermography, this camera is able to note minute temperature changes very accurately. This makes it easy for veterinary specialists to identify trauma or injury in horses and treat them in a timely manner.

Best for Hunting: FLIR Breach PTQ136

This light-weight thermal monocular offers excellent mobility, head-mount support, sufficient internal storage for video recording and seven image palettes.

The FLIR Breach PTQ136 comes with an incredibly light-weight and compact profile. This makes it easier to carry this monocular with ease and without wearing yourself down. FLIR has offered multiple mounting points on the monocular which ensure that you can use this device with different types of headgear.

This is particularly useful if you are going to use the device for tactical and surveillance operations. The monocular is equally perfect for hunting as it comes with seven image palettes to track, detect and monitor the game accurately. The multiple palettes let you scan different environments with excellent results.

You can also record video on-the-go with this monocular. It packs enough internal storage to record nearly a thousand images or up to 2.5 hours of video. Equally perfect for usage through the day and at night, this is certainly the best thermal imaging camera for hunting.

BEST for Electronics Testing – FLIR ETS320

FLIR ETS320 is able to note the smallest temperature differences with exceptionally accurate readings, pinpointed hot spot identification and on-camera analysis for electronic testing and quality assurance.

FLIR ETS320 is specifically designed to read, identify and map temperature readings on smaller scales, such as for electronics testing. It comes with a 320 x 240 IR sensor that can take temperature readings with 76k non-contact points.

Thanks to such a keen thermal sensor, this camera can detect temperature differences that are as small as 0.06 degrees. This makes it particularly useful for measuring faulty areas within electronics and circuits. Designed to be perfectly suitable for laboratory usage and environment, FLIR ETS320 has a wireless and hands-free design.

Despite the heavy-duty performance delivered by it, it is entirely battery-powered so that you don’t need to plug it in. The vibrant 3-inch LCD of the camera is touchscreen and offers on-camera measurement and analysis.

Best for Drone: FLIR Duo Pro R

The FLIR Duo Pro R comes with a dual set of 4K color camera as well as a thermal imager, which makes it the perfect solution for capturing thermal imagery on a drone.

If you want to capture thermal imagery using a drone device, the FLIR Duo Pro R is the perfect choice. It comes with a dual-sensor imaging solution. The 4K color camera captures high-definition images on the go while the radiometric thermal imager maps accurate heat signature.

You can overlay them in a picture-on-picture mode to accurately pinpoint the location of the heat signatures. You can also add geo-tagging to the images captured with this camera on the go. On-board geo-tagging equipment includes a magnetometer, a GPS receiver and a barometer. Two microSD cards capture the videos and images you record using the Duo Pro R.

For all aerial thermal photography and mapping, this is the best thermal camera for drone. It is also the most powerful dual-sensor imaging camera of its size for aerial purposes.

Best for Automotive: FLIR ADK

FLIR ADK offers the perfect thermal imaging solution for automated driving solutions by detecting the heat signatures of pedestrians, identifying and classifying objects, and providing other critical data for advanced driver assistance systems.

Automated vehicles are the future of driving technology. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are continuously evolving to become better, more accurate and safer.

FLIR ADK is playing a crucial role for such vehicles by offering a comprehensive solution to detect pedestrians and other objects from a vehicle. The ADK uses thermal sensors to detect the heat signature of various objects. It then classifies them so that the vehicle can automatically discern different types of objects.

The great thing about ADK is that unlike many other ADAS sensors, it works perfectly through fog and other environmental factors. It is also incredibly easy to set up and comes with a plug-and-play installation. It helps ADAS make automated decisions that improve the safety of the vehicle and the people nearby.

Thanks to its advanced features, FLIR ADK is the best thermal camera for automotive that is available on the market. It is available in resolution options of 320 x 240 and 640 x 512 with corresponding field-of-view options of 24 degrees, 34 degrees and 50 degrees.



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