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Finding cheap laptops among the super fast new, refurbished and previously owned models by top makers is quick and easy. Among these are the top sellers each day, and you can easily find laptops by their processor speeds as well, making this a very efficient process. Many of the base units deliver the Intel 2 Core Duo processor but that is just the starting point. These are extremely popular among people looking for affordable laptops that are fast.

When you are in need of reliability and affordability you will find that all of these powerful laptops have the ability to solve the problem fast and efficiently. The models highlighted here have always been known for being very user friendly and extremely easy to use in home and business environments.

Frequently we find several really cheap used laptops that have been used in a corporate environment and are in superior condition. These may have had the operating system freshly installed along with the latest Service Packs, operating system updates, and latest device drivers as well prior to being offered for surplus sale. The most common units will usually include the Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or the XP Professional operating systems which were designed to provide an array of enhanced user level security features. This additional level of security applies to both user and network settings including Internet safety. Most include many other features such as WiFi and multimedia options.

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Along with the variety of fast processor speeds these affordable laptops will include netbooks and other laptops smaller than standard 15.4 inch LCD displays. These will provide a crisp and clear display size large enough to comfortably watch DVD movies on and at the same time are light enough to provide ultra portability. Each size can be found among the many laptops under 200 for sale.

As the screen size increases, to 17 inches and beyond, on most units the price can go up and these begin to get quite heavy as a result of the increase in dimension too. It is a good idea to keep in mind the overall weight of the laptop, including the battery, as you are shopping because if you travel a great deal you may find that a lighter laptop or netbook is much more conducive to your particular needs.

The not so easy New Laptop Setup Process

We recently heard from a user who had bought a new laptop and they had a rather common set of experiences right out of the box. Sometimes it does not take much to surprise you when you find that a certain laptop is super easy to setup. Take basically any new fast cheap laptops and part of the fun is setting them up. This may not be so much fun for the non technical folks out there, but the reality is this is most of the people anyway. In reality most of the time the setup process is easy just follow the on screen directions and you should be fine.

One recent example of a not so good experience was with a new Acer netbook, fairly fast for the class that it is in and nice and cheap as well. Out of the box was an install of Windows 7 which, as any other operating system, is going to walk you through the basic setup process. Most people are not going to need to delve too far beyond this part, but there are definitely exceptions to all this.

Next comes the obligatory update process and there will need to be an active Internet connection in order for this to complete. Keep in mind that this can definitely take a while and if you are not careful, can really bog everything down as the Windows operating system tries to do everything at once. Do not be surprised to find that all the trial-ware that is usually packed onto the hard drive begins to bog things down even further. This is not to say that this happens all of the time, but the reality is that it has been known to cause far more frustration for the new laptop owner than anything else at this point.

Often there will actually be the need for some assistance. Oh well, not everything is easy so it is a good idea to not let Windows check for all the necessary updates until you are comfortably setup with your new laptop as well as the Internet connection. This can save you a great deal of hassle and there will be plenty of time for that once you get going on your computer. Anyway, once these issues were resolved our customer was happy to have the setup process behind them.

The Fast Cheap Laptops which are Easy to Find

Even the biggest names in the laptop industry make models which are able to satisfy the small budgets yet still provide a nice fast laptop. When the computer is new it may only be out of the price range of those on a tight budget, but when they are used or maybe at least a year old then the prices drop and they become available to many more prospective buyers. Everyone wants to save money but still get a good product.

There are so many companies which offer so many products that it is obviously not a difficult thing to find them. The key is to find a fast cheap laptop that is totally reliable in the long run. Keeping you laptop running well is really only the beginning, but it is super easy to do. Always focus on the simple routine maintenance of the laptop. This means that if you have an old Dell Latitude D610 then you will have a decent era laptop which can be kept in good running condition by simply running your malware scans frequently. Of course the definitions for the application must be kept up to date in order to be as effective as it can possibly be. This is easy though as most programs will do this periodically on their own. You must have an active Internet connection in order for the program to accomplish this task though.

The above information is relative to almost any situation and nobody really wants a slow laptop. There are some models which are designed to be some of the fastest laptops on the market these days. They will also be relatively expensive so be prepared. If you do not need ultra fast cheap gaming laptops then the cheaper ones which are easy to find will be perfect in most instances today.

Sometimes Swift Laptops are the best Choice

As swift as quite a few mobile computing devices are usually, the reality is that they feature just about endless chances to complete jobs inside a massive small business location. This all takes place because of the potential of the components identified inside of the computer units. Due to the fact the majority of people are not really focused on the techie specifics, they only look at the level of quality of the style and design. This is certainly good primarily when looking for current laptop technology currently since it can prevent turning out to be stressed by the huge assortment. Several issues that consumers do come across are by and large related to working to choose exactly how crucial particular benefits usually are. Usually this is based on the swiftness and also stability of the laptop.

Many individuals ponder if they truly need to spend more for superior laptop computers or should they only purchase the inexpensive solutions. Anytime people are studying the choices they have in the marketplace, the normal data is the fact that at the very least the actual assortment is vast. To easily grow to be weighed down is pretty typical even so in the long run the substantive effort provided is normally well worth it. The motive for this could be that the final savings of money could be huge. The computer sector is full of budget laptops which often use high quality styles. Due to the fact a lot of people will require a swift used laptop they will regularly invest somewhat more for this particular attribute. Generally most people have the demand for full speed right now.

The Much Less Costly Refurbished Laptops

Buying a cheap laptop without knowing the facts in regards to the choices out there will make the purchasing procedure painful and irritating. Many individuals are of the opinion to buy the latest, high tech notebook however they might be happy with a much less costly refurbished laptop or used notebook computer for under half of what a brand-new device may well cost. You’ll want to think about and determine exactly what software you will be working with too. Moreover, chances are you’ll buy more laptop computer than you need on impulse. Just what exactly you should do is assess your requirements and then make good selections.

When the notebook computer will largely remain in one location, then the size is not really that critical. For everybody who is a small company owner, it is not necessary to outlay money on technology that won’t be utilized to its fullest scope. One of the greatest road blocks to almost all people working effectively on long flights is constrained battery power. If people are not going to have access to an electrical interface then they should be ready for the duration of the trip by planning ahead.

As you check your electrical power, then you’ll need to come to a decision regarding investing in a backup electric battery. Last but not least, for everybody who is traveling and you also will need internet access, consider your airport’s internet site and figure out whether they need WiFi. A few airways are bringing out wireless web on flights. Asking precisely why you need to obtain notebooks for you own needs may help you decide whether you buy good notebooks for the best possible price and if you choose one that will last for many years into the future.

Prior to starting searching for top level deals on computers, you need to choose whether you’d like a new one or even a used one. You can also find countless web-sites that happen to be only focused to merchandising second hand laptops. You can find terrific mobile computer discounts available in your own local stores too. As soon as you understand the thing you need, consider your budget. How much time should a battery last as well as do you in reality need the latest and greatest Window’s release? In most cases, your first step shall be your own personal spending budget assessment. And so, generally, if you use your good sense, absolutely there’s nothing to prevent you from acquiring a great deal on a mobile computer.

Laptops for Cheap

Cheap Laptops
Laptop Dell Latitude 5480

One of the more popular laptops for cheap is the Dell Latitude series of business class laptop computers. These are usually very well taken care of corporate surplus laptops being offered for sale at extremely discounted prices in order to reduce the surplus quantity.

The Dell Latitude laptop is an extremely fast computer and it is powerful enough to run most any program available. The Intel Core Duo is the newest and best technology available in these ultra portable powerhouses. Being very thin and light makes these laptops easy to take with you anywhere. The silver and black design gives the appearance of conservative and smart.

A very common configuration on these laptops for cheap is to have a fresh and full installation of the Windows XP Pro operating system loaded on a 40GB to 80GB hard drive. Generally the system memory, or RAM, will be between 2GB and 3GB so the overall hardware is more than enough for everyday usage and applications right out of the box.

Many of the Dell Latitudes come with a 14.1 inch Crystal Clear XGA Wide Screen display powered by an Intel 945GM shared memory 224MB video adapter for providing crystal clear life like graphics.

You will certainly find plenty of ports available for any printers, cameras, scanners, mice, external drives, and other accessories you may want to use with these laptops. These cheap laptops will have nearly every port your desktop does which allows you to easily add any accessories you currently use.

A good example of the available ports on the Dell used laptops for cheap include multiple internal USB ports, PC card slots, 9 Pin, serial, monitor, and Smart Card readers. The standard Ethernet and modem ports as well as the internal wireless 802.11 a, b and g cards are found on most of these used laptops so getting online is a breeze in today’s fast paced world.

Fast Laptops also make some Tasks Easier

When you stop to consider that most of the actual functions and features which mobile computers perform these days are intended to help make tasks easier, it is no surprise that things are accomplished much faster as well. Throughout the years this has played a major role in the popularity of laptops, yet this could have been difficult to visualize exactly how far technological innovation would actually go. Nowadays we are all basically expecting our laptops to be fast.

The concept that all an individual has to do is actually purchase a fast laptop and they are ready to go is pretty amazing when you think about it. These laptops do utilize special software designed for speeding things up, but with the laptop hardware available today the performance is an enormous part of the end results. Are the operating systems assisting in the speed assessments? Absolutely as they have come a long way as well. Ultimately the operating system is taking advantage of the hardware capabilities these days like never before.

The main components of a fast laptop are the same as any other in a fundamental sense. Of course when laptop speed is the goal, many people are more than willing to spend extra on higher end laptop components. The software applications will probably include highly unique parameters, and each combination will be a bit different than the next. This ultimately will permit the person to confidently rely on their own laptop computer system to not only get the tasks done right, but to get it done at blazing speeds as well.

Secure Mini Laptop Company Data

A lot of people fully understand that the information that is saved on the personal computer disk drive can often be the most crucial element of the company which they work for. A realistic look at this is that if your data were actually to be damaged or lost then it could actually potentially cost the corporation a huge portion of their particular existing market share. This can be definitely almost impossible to replace as well. There are several examples of this particular ill-fated predicament where the company discovered the hard way how necessary it is to safeguard the info on their business laptop computers.

Recently there have been many business people whom completely need a mobile computer so as to carry out their job tasks on a regular basis. This can appear rather recognizable to those who have listened to the technology media within the last several years. For a lot of occupations where important information is part of the job outline, individuals are choosing to go with one of the extensive mini laptops for sale due to the additional mobility which they deliver an individual. Nobody desires to transport a super large laptop computer around with them everywhere they will go, and when it’s your own work circumstance then you definitely have a tendency to really do what’s essential to complete the goal.

Whenever you are looking at the mini laptops for sale these days, you may be amazed to know that they offer you all of the security functions of the most typical cheap laptops on the market. The truth is that the most popular operating systems will have identical attributes of full sized notebook computers as they do for mini laptops today. This means that the basic security practices should be implemented exactly like you are already accustomed to. At all times make your passwords tricky to guess. This really is something which virtually every computer user is already cognizant of.

Another key point is to always keep your laptop computer in places you know it is protected. If this means taking some extra time to secure it in a concealed area, then it is still quite definitely worth some time spent to achieve this, even on laptops under 200 dollars. If you find one of these brilliant mini laptops for sale make sure to safeguard the data on the hard disk drive, then you will also be safeguarding your enterprise information therefore you might maintain your job for many years.

Fast Cheap Laptops Hyper Threading Basics

There is usually nothing that will come to your mind quicker than the central processing unit when you think of fast cheap laptops. The CPU is basically what the initial measurement of speed that the laptop will be. Of course there are numerous other factors which many people do not even consider. But sticking to the processor we know that a lot of our readers are interested in a basic idea of what hyper-threading is and how it makes one processor different from another.

In all reality the main premise for the end user who is looking at a processor which uses hyper-threading is that the improvements come in multitasking environments. This simply put means that your fast cheap laptop is able to run multiple threads, like commands you throw at it, all at the same time. Do most processors already do this? Yes, even on used or refurbished laptops under 200 dollars. Computer systems have long since had various ways to handle multi-tasking. The have been many which merely emulated this ability and in the old days it did mean a reduction in speed.

These days though, even the cheapest laptops are going to be able to handle a ton of this multitasking. Some processors like the Celeron as an example will suffer performance wise though. The hyper-threading capabilities of most of today’s modern laptops mean that the performance levels are going to equate to a much more responsive laptop.

Bigger High End Gaming Laptops

When some people think about their first laptop they often recall an inexpensive brand name computer which was great a really long time ago. There have been some which were very limited in their capabilities especially compared to laptops being made today. They were typically designed to have really neat features but in those days the features were not so exciting at they are these days. Now with all of the highest grade features and fast cheap laptops which can really emulate a lot of the latest gaming trends they are super choices for nearly anyone. This certainly does include the bigger high end gaming laptops which a lot of people really enjoy.

Not all of these really high end fast laptops are going to be quite as expensive as what you would think that they are. However if you were to look at some of the prices of the really high end gaming laptops then you would definitely find that the prices can grown much bigger nearly beyond belief. This is not for the faint of pocket book so to speak but there are some people who will wind up buying them in the end. For other gamers they will more then likely just buy the really high end PC computers to game on instead of spending their money on refurbished laptops which is equally as capable. This is a bit of a different aspect then just owning a good laptop. But as we mentioned there is no real need to spend too much on a decent model which is capable of doing a great deal as well.

Obviously some users will opt to go ahead and get a used laptop which is capable of doing everything it was able to do when it was brand new. These smaller gaming capabilities can often be found on used laptops under 200 dollars and they were likely once fairly powerful. The technology tends to stay compatible but for the bigger high end gaming laptops there is typically going to be no way around a much bigger price tag as well. This may be worth it if you really need all the super powerful capabilities which they are known to deliver.

Cheap Laptops and the Internet

In order to have the ability to keep on top of the current news it can be almost impossible not to use the World Wide Web. While getting on the Internet may perhaps be easy for people in many areas, there are still some places where this is simply not so simple. The reasons for this generally relate to specific places and how they relate to the Internet providers within the specific vicinity.

If this type of service costs too much then a consumer may only be able to pay for part of the whole package deal. This in conjunction with all of the additional costs can add up in a big hurry. For the people in this sort of a situation at least there are several sensible options which may possibly stay inside their financial constraints.

Not every person is actually thinking about buying a brand new laptop or computer however. If a person cannot spend the money for ordinary examples they might possibly obtain cheap laptops under 200 dollars occasionally. The quality could be a concern so mindful research ought to be done prior to purchasing the laptop to be safe. It is a very wise way to make use of the resources available. Just about any looks into the current field of technology will most likely show you the fact that a great number of advancements have been produced. These are generally very impressive for most people who happen to make an effort to check this out. Currently a lot more individuals require the use of a computer more than ever before actually.

There are some alternatives for example refurbished laptops under 200 which can be an alternate to brand new. Even though most of the people nowadays are looking to obtain significant amounts of value for their cash, they must still have certain items. It seems like laptops are actually one such must have items even in daily uses. For most people in relation to high quality they will usually prefer to acquire a rather substantial level for as minimal cash expense as attainable. This really is understandable in weak economic times however this is the case nearly any other time also. The high cost of some types of computers even with discounts is frequently the hardest part of the decision making procedure.

Could you Successfully Diagnose your Laptop

When the video in your laptop starts giving you hassles then it may be time to take a look at testing the video card in your computer. This process is actually not all that difficult to accomplish and in the end it could help you to determine what exactly it is that is behind the particular issue. Keep in mind that although any testing which you do on a laptop is going to have the potential to help you in determining just why it is that the computer is not working properly.

For instance when you are running some laptop diagnostics and in the end you are not able to make an immediate call as to what the problem with the laptop is. This is still a beneficial step due to the fact that the results of the testing may lead you to what the issue really is. Without this crucial step you could find yourself laptop testing over and over again but not actually getting any closer to solving the issue. Through the process of elimination which is what the diagnostics can be, you can work your way towards discover how to fix the laptops video or any other issues for that matter.

This is not necessarily reserved only for laptop technicians by any means. Anyone can run computer diagnostics and then make the proper decisions based on the results. Of course there is a great deal of skill necessary to continue onwards through any next logical steps. This part does take if not some education then definitely a good deal of experience in order to successfully diagnose your laptop.

Budget Convenience and Fast Cheap Laptops

The actual convenience of laptops and also the portable technology are generally undoubtedly luring however the many fast cheap laptops options seem high-priced and also complicated. In the event the notebook computer may mainly be in one place, then the dimensions are not really that crucial. For anyone who is a small company owner, you don’t need to outlay money on technologies of which won’t be utilized to its fullest extent or degree. One of the primary boundaries to the majority of people doing work proficiently on very long routes is limited battery power. If you actually have access to a power interface then you need to be all set throughout the actual journey.

Looking for the best notebook not understanding the facts in regards to power consumption or the alternatives on the market could make the buying process distressing and frustrating. Lots of people are convinced to get a brand new, high tech laptop computer once they realize they could be happy with a less high priced unit like refurbished laptops under 200 dollars or a used laptop for just 1 / 2 of what a brand-new notebook may cost. You’ll want to take into account and decide precisely what applications you will end up running. Furthermore, you might purchase much more computer than you would like on impulse. Exactly what you need to do is analyze your requirements and next make smart judgment calls.

As you start looking around for top level packages on mobile computers, you must come to a decision whether you need a new one or perhaps used one. You can also get countless internet pages that happen to be only dedicated to providing second-hand devices. There are good laptop or PC specials for sale in your current neighborhood stores as well. In most cases, your first action may be your own spending budget assessment. Therefore, overall, if you apply your own common sense, there is absolutely nothing to prevent you from obtaining a great deal on a fast cheap laptop this way.

Once you take a look at your own electrical power usage however, then you will need to come to a decision in relation to choosing a back up power supply. Lastly, should you be flying and also you have to have world-wide-web access, look at your airport’s site and also figure out whether or not they have got WiFi. Several air carriers can also be adding wireless web on flights. Asking the reason why you want to purchase cheap laptops under 200 will determine whether or not you get the best possible new, used or refurbished laptops for the best achievable value. Or should you will merely come to a decision that will cost you time but possibly save you more in the future.

Dell Inspiron 17 Core i3 and Core i5 Fast Laptop

Dell Inspiron 17
Dell Inspiron 17

We had a quick tour of one of the Dell Inspiron 17 laptops today and wanted to mention a few things about this laptop. For one thing the design is a bit more streamlined as well as lightweight which is really noticeable from the outset. This seems to be a theme which runs throughout many of the new laptops on the market today. This used to be part of an ever increasing higher end price point, but these days it is finding its way into the fast cheap laptops market as a welcome addition.

Upon a quick inspection of the specs we find that the Intel Core i3 and the Core i5 happen to be options at the time of purchase. These processors make for a good fast laptop which is at least for the moment pretty close to cutting edge speed wise in the consumer market. Of course there are several colors to choose from in addition to the various artistic designs which seem to find their way onto the Dell laptops. This is nice to have a wide selection of things that can offer at least the appearance of being a little bit unique, or at least not basic black or silver anyway. More on the detailed specifics will be addressed after our bench-marking results are completed.

Appreciating the Mobility of Laptops in the Workplace

In the past it looked like in order for most business people to persistently enter a substantial sum of data files into their desktop computer they might literally have to remain there in front of the monitor almost all day long as well as key in a number of lines of details over and over. This would ultimately become a seriously tedious scenario for these individuals, whether or not they are on brand new or maybe used laptops did not make a difference. At this time there are very few places where anyone will not notice notebook computers around when you happen to be around almost any large number of business laptops and the folks who use them everyday.

Nonetheless it is quite fortunate for several of these kinds of fortunate men and women who happen to be able to perform this work on a fast notebook computer instead of having to sit down in a single position just about all day long seldom moving around much at all. This is really not even all that healthy when you stop and think about it. Then again in the event that you do have the particular opportunity to utilize a cheap laptop computer instead of an enormous PC then you are going to appreciate a whole lot more improved experience overall.

With the help of decent fast cheap used laptops the worker can easily get up and also move around on occasion throughout the particular day. Perhaps you could discover yourself relaxing in front of a window as well as having some pleasant landscapes to start looking at instead of a monotonous wall. This is barely one of the countless great facets of using a fast laptop computer. Not simply are they able to get up and basically be moving about a bit but these people are usually essentially able to take the laptop along with them in addition to move to another site as well. Now this could open up excellent possibilities.

Memory from the Video Card keeps Laptop Performance Fast

When the ATI Radeon graphics cards are configured properly in a fast laptop computer it can take advantage of the 1917MB of video memory it can make available to the system. The really interesting aspect of this is that the memory is only used when needed and this in conjunction with the actual system memory means that laptops with this are going to be slightly faster even under heavy gaming. Most of the cheap fast laptops are going to also have video cards that do indeed supply a great amount of their own memory otherwise they would pull too many of the actual system resources for themselves.

It used to be that the memory would not be shared very equally and some computers would slow down considerably when the additional video requirements were needed. This could come from certain applications or other very basic needs, yet it would be especially true if it was concerning computer games which were graphic intensive.

The same is true today however with the higher end video capabilities that you can find within a variety of cheap laptop computers today, like the aforementioned Radeon card you will not see any notable lag or loss of system performance under most of the demanding situations which the games can require. There are other benefits too like the intensive details and clarity that you can receive by employing the HDMI ports for even more clarity in your high definition applications. The ability to go out into other devices through these ports, for instance into large LCD TV sets can improve the viewing experience of any environment and one of the most commonly used methods is in homes where people can simply enjoy the technology and the quality it brings to the viewing experience.

The video capabilities are not the only thing that really makes many of the cheapest laptops fast in their performance but they do keep the system from being too bogged down by other tasks which the computer needs to address. The amount of memory which new, used and refurbished laptops under £200 can handle (even those several years old), is far greater than what it once was so the sharing of resources is nowhere near the concern which it had been either. Also, since technology keeps progressing in mobile computing devices so constantly we are seeing even more features that bring more speed and versatility to laptops. Look at the high speed USB ports which fast affordable laptops come with currently. These allow for fast digital video and audio transfers in addition to fast data transfers. This all adds up to great performance in a multimedia situation and responsive, fast performance from the laptop in nearly any circumstance.

The RAM and Processor Combinations make Cheap Laptops Comparatively Fast

Some of the first questions people ask about what makes fast laptops involve the CPU and the RAM. Essentially the speed of the laptop depends on the processor within it. These days there are advancements such as the Core i7 for one instance. The design involves having two cores as oppose to just one. Obviously this will allow for much greater multitasking capabilities for the laptop. But these really fast laptops today can also take advantage of more than just increased speed they also have newer technology which can give quick bursts of speed during use.

If you consider the ratings of maximum turbo frequency, in Intel laptop processors, you can find numbers such as 3.8GHz currently. This is available when your laptop needs it, sort of like a reserve. They are still very fast without even looking at that aspect of the processor because they also are built with smart caching. As you are using the laptop, with a cache in the range of 12MB, it will simply be incredibly responsive when compared to many older laptops which simply use 1MB or 2MB L2 caches. This is merely a result of technologies advancing but laptops with these kinds of specs are not the cheapest ones out there. There really is no need to go for such a cutting edge computer unless you really want to experience that type of speed, yet they are impressive when using them for any type of task.

Most laptops are going to be categorized as netbooks, small laptops in the 10.1 inch range or standard size which is between 15 inch and 17 inch diagonal screen dimensions. However the quality of the display images as well as their speed and resolution capabilities these days, even on the cheap laptops are going to rely upon the faster processors and the increased amount of system memory (RAM). The TFT LED displays are quite common and the resolutions are comparable to those which have been on the market for some time now. The improvements are most notable in the speeds of the processors and the amounts of RAM which the lower priced laptops can handle currently. For instance, even those laptops under 300 dollars can compare relatively easily to some which are fare more expensive, at least in their speed anyway. The ability to not only multitask on a laptop but to enjoy a broad spectrum of multimedia applications are what the end goal is for most users. This versatility is what is appealing to people in the laptop market these days.

While these technological advancements are found in the broad range of laptop prices, the specifications are also going to represent their differences even though they are all considerably faster than older laptops. Looking at this progression from Pentium 4 processors for instance in the 2.0GHz clock speed range with 2MB of L2 cache, you can easily see that even one of the dual cores with 6MB of L3 cache is going to be so far beyond them that it is hard to believe. The real believers are made after they have actually experienced using one of these laptops. Still, it ultimately depends on how the laptop will be used by each individual. The used models of fast cheap laptop computers can just as easily provide the user with the perfect amount of internal components necessary to accomplish what they wish to accomplish, it just depends on what that may be and what price level the user happens to be in.

Higher End Processors are not necessary for Great Performance in Daily Use

The Intel Core processors are way beyond what you find in most of the mini laptops and cheap notebooks today, they do however still have some decent capabilities. The amazing thing is that there are laptops under 200 dollars which contain dual core processors which far surpass the older Pentium 4 Models for instance. Each of the progressive generations of CPU models entail changes in not only the classification which they fall under, but the speed which the newer architecture can produce as well.

The faster laptops today utilize cutting edge Core i7 designs and are aimed at 3D games and HD videos. Unfortunately these laptops are not usually under $200 though so it will be a while before the hit the used computer market.

On the other end of the spectrum are the mini laptop computers which although they do not utilize super fast Core i7 CPUs, some of them do indeed contain dual cores. For the people who do not really need Turbo Boost or 8MB caches, the cheap smaller laptops under 200 can do other things like play YouTube videos (including High Def) in high quality although the screen sizes are kind of small. Typically the netbooks will have 10 inch screens measured diagonally. There are even smaller models which have only a mere 7 inch screen, and these use a processor technology which is altogether different than those mentioned previously.

This brings us to the ARM technology which provides only the most basic functionality compared to larger, more robust laptop designs. Basically, all of these models are under $150 and they are limited in what they can do as well. If you really only need to take notes on one (this is what we do) then they are a great way to get the necessary information down to the hard drive and then move on to other things. Honestly though, beyond that these little netbooks might be cheap, but they simply do not compare to the more powerful models.

When speed and performance are on the top of your list, there are many great options today. When you are more limited by what you can spend then there is still some great used or even refurbished laptop options priced under 200 dollars like these which are fast and versatile as well. It all depends on what you intend to actually do with the laptop which should be the biggest influence on your decision. Ultimately the more powerful and newer the technology is, the more expensive they will be, yet if they can get the job done then that is what really counts. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.

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