Hoodies and T-Shirts Will Never Go Out of Style

Hoodies – clothes that we just enjoy wearing. Whether we’re going on the road, for a walk, or go jogging, hoodies are just something that we must have in our closets. Not only that hoodies are perfect for comfort, but they have also become an important part of fashion. That being said, these celebrities prove that hoodies will never, ever, go out of style.

8 Celebrities That Prove Hoodies Will Never Go Out of Style

1. Rihanna

Rihanna: 'Happy Battleship Day'

Rihana is certainly someone who knows how to get dressed for every occasion. What we love about her is that she manages to look stunning whether she’s wearing a fabulous red carpet dress or this casual hoodie.

She proves that a hoodie is a very popular part of clothes that everyone should wear, especially on those days when you just want to take a break from your work and rest a little bit. They say that our clothes speak for ourselves and her clothes tell that she just knows how to relax and fully enjoy life.

Combining classic jeans, a black shirt, and this cool-looking hoodie, she once again creates a recognizable style that shows her authenticity.

2. Blake Lively

Maternity Maven Blake Lively Is Now Pairing Sweats with Couture – and Still Looks Incredible

Who says that a hoodie and heels can’t look stylish together?

If any celebrity has an extraordinary style, that is definitely Blake Lively. Not only that she proves that hoodies can never be outdated, but she also proves that a hoodie is more than just a comfortable piece of clothes.

Fabulous heels, a white dress, and a gray hoodie leave a powerful impression on everyone who thinks that fashion rules must be strictly followed.

Blake Lively clearly doesn’t have a problem with exceeding fashion boundaries and dictating new trends while we don’t have problems following them. One is for sure, this lady’s style has become very popular all over the world, and it’s not surprising that she’s favorite among women who see fashion as a creative way to represent themselves.

3. Nicole Scherzinger

If you thought that high boots and a hoodie can’t be an explosive combination, we suggest looking at the photo above. Seriously, is there any hotter outfit than black high boots and a white hoodie that someone can wear? We think there isn’t.

The second we saw Nicole wearing this comfortable piece of clothes, we realized that it can never be outdated. Dancing, or enjoying photo shooting – this diva knows how great she looks when she’s wearing hoodies (or in any other occasion).

Nicole’s clothes just take our breath away. From beautiful dresses to a casual style, she always looks like a princess so it’s not surprising that we fall in love with her every time we see her. She’s well-known for her sexy, yet elegant style that shows how much is important to freely express ourselves.

4. Ian Somerhalder


We all know this hot-looking guy (or should we say a vampire) who enjoys wearing clothes that are both comfortable and stylish. And what better way to combine that than wearing this beautiful hoodie?

Although most of us wear a hoodie when we’re staying at our cozy homes, Ian reminds us that hoodies are just perfect for spending the afternoon outside, while playing with pets and enjoying nature. We can see how much he enjoys spending time with his lovely pet while feeling comfortable in this hoodie.

5. Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson surely knows how to leave us speechless. Wearing this hoodie, he not only proves that hoodies are an essential part of a casual and sexy style, but he also gives us a new perspective on how to combine colors. He’s definitely a fan of this practical piece of clothes, and he doesn’t have a problem in admitting that.

6. Beyonce

Beyonce enjoys wearing unique and sexy clothes and how she wouldn’t when they fit her so perfectly?

Like the simple combination of black and white isn’t enough to take our breath away, a shiny hoodie adds a sophisticated touch to this remarkable outfit. She proves that hoodies can never go out of style because she’s one of the celebrities who successfully dictates trends where the hoodies are more than welcomed.

As always, Beyonce looks just stunning and she doesn’t even have to put much effort to achieve that. So far we’ve seen her in numerous outfits, all of which represent her love and passion towards fashion. From jeans to dresses, this lady really knows what a good style means. Moreover, she is bold enough to show us her creativity and take fashion to the next level.

7. Jessica Simpson

What better way to enjoy a day off than walking the streets while wearing a warm and comfortable hoodie?

It’s not a secret that Jessica Simpson is a passionate fan of hoodies. Her blonde hair, stylish glasses, and cool looking hoodie makes this outfit just perfect for the casual style.

Once again, we get a chance to see that hoodies are perfect for everyday use when we have time to relax and fully enjoy the day.

8. Brad Pitt

This list wouldn’t be complete without Bred Pitt. Although his casual style is recognizable, he manages to surprise us with this extraordinary yet simple outfit. Wearing this black hoodie, jeans, and glasses he really looks awesome.

Moreover, his outfit is just a perfect combination of casual and mysterious. Looking at his serious outfit, we can say that hoodies are just perfect for any style so it’s not a surprise why men are inspired to dress like him.

Brad Pitt proves that a hoodie is a must-have for this season.


As you can see, this article is about the celebrities who appreciate the comfort and practicality of hoodies and take the advantage of them. Whether they want to look stylish, elegant, or they just want to feel comfortable, they’re more than happy to wear hoodies whenever they have the opportunity.

Why not follow their example and buy yourself a perfect hoodie that you will combine with other favorite pieces of your clothes?

What Girls Find Attractive in Men Wearing T-shirt

In the real sense of the world, girls have different preferences with it comes to the traits of a man. Every lady has her own set of requirements as to the attributes of the guy she would want to marry. Even when dating, she makes sure she will not be going out with someone who does not meet her standard. But in terms of getting attracted to the opposite set, there is one common thing that wins over the heart of most girls – simplicity. This very reason makes most members of the female gender attracted to men wearing a T-shirt.  What girls find attractive in men wearing T-shirt? Let’s find out.

Men Look Clean on a T-Shirt

It does not take a tailored suit for a guy to get well-groomed. By having a simple and neat T-shirt on, he will definitely draw the girl’s attention. A white T-shirt works best for men who want to achieve the impression of neatness. White simply personifies cleanliness.

T-shirt Makes Men Look Sexy

For some reasons, most guys look sexy with a T-shirt on. Based on studies, this illusion stems from the ability of the shirt to broaden the appearance of the shoulder and make the waist slimmer. It further emphasizes one’s V-shaped figure which is really a head-turner.

It Emphasizes Modesty

While there are men who love bragging expensive suits and lavish tuxedos, there are men who do not mind looking less upscale with a simple shirt. Girls love guys who do not need to tell the world they are well-to-do. Unless circumstances require them to wear otherwise, putting on a T-shirt really underscores a guy’s simplicity.

T-Shirt is Remarkably Stylish

This type of clothing is timeless. It does not go out of fashion. If a guy knows how to arrive at a really nice T-shirt outfit, he will absolutely have the girls’ attention. A T-shirt makes a strong fashion statement provided it is worn with the right accessories and appropriate bottom apparel and footwear.

It Makes Looking Good Effortless

Given the shirt’s astonishing ability to bring out the natural beauty of a man, this article of clothing has a way to make its wearer stand out. One does not have to wear his one-million-dollar ensemble to look great. If the garment is of high-quality material, fits perfectly on one’s body and worn with confidence, a guy gets to effortlessly exhibit his assets.

Manly T-Shirt Outfits That Attract Women

Having been informed of the things that women love about men wearing a T-shirt, members of the male gender are surely planning on putting their shirt more frequently now. It is best not to wear T-shirt the same way every day. There should be a variety on how T-shirts are worn.  Nobody wants people having a prediction of what he would look like whenever he comes out. There should always be a sense of surprise to keep the girls interested. Here are some ideas on how to keep T-shirt outfits manly and attractive.

T-shirts Paired With Trousers

This style is a classic but remains a great weapon to look attractive and macho. Iconic characters James Dean and Marlon Brando were able to carry this wardrobe with such charisma. A plain white T-shirt which perfectly fits the body is necessary to achieve the desired look. This style creates an illusion of broad shoulder and slim waist which absolutely makes a man hot!

T-shirt Combined with Jacket

The best type of T-shirt to combine with a jacket is the crew neck. This style is also timeless but men can never go wrong with this ensemble. If a guy has toned muscles, wearing a slim fit crew neck shirt will look perfect. When going for this style, it is important to keep the t-shirt collar and the jacket collar symmetrical. The T-shirt combined with jacket outfit works well on any kind of occasion.

T-Shirt with Blazer

For a rather versatile look, men can add spice to their T-shirt with a blazer. If the weather is a bit warm, they can go for blazers made of linen. Prep up this style with comfortable bottoms like a pair of chinos. There is no need to make use of their best pair of shoes to brighten this ensemble. Comfortable and laid back footwear is enough to spruce it up.

Printed T-shirt Topped with Denim Jacket

This style is simple yet contemporary – just the way the modern guys love to be clothed in. Instead of wearing a plain T-shirt all the time, going for patterned ones from time to time makes a guy look interesting. Striped T-shirts are easy on the eyes, especially when paired with either a pair of chinos or ripped jeans. It’s a comfy yet stylish getup that will surely sweep the ladies off their feet.

Extra Long T-Shirt Under a Jacket

Anything extraordinary draws attention. But this style is not just extraordinary – it is stylishly beautiful and modern. Long line T-shirts, like those worn by the Yeezy, make a strong fashion statement especially underneath a stylish jacket. This style is exceptionally trendy so any guy who plans on wearing it should have the right character to complete the look.

There are many other ways to wear a T-shirt that can demonstrate conformity to the latest trend. If a guy truly wants to attract girls, he should exert a little effort to dress up smartly. Girls hate lousy clothing. They find guys who take the time to look decent and presentable more appealing. One does not have to pay an arm and a leg to look stylish. By simply knowing the right way to mix and match what’s inside his closet, a guy a come up with a number of ways to dress up. He should also know how to accessorize! It is imperative that all these T-shirt outfits are worn with the right attitude. Confidence is the heart of any ensemble. Without self-esteem, no matter how handsome one’s outfit gets, he will fail to look dazzling on it.

Statement Shirts You Should Not Dare Wear

Statement shirts have been around for a number of years already. Since these items can still be found in local stores and online shops, there is no question that a lot of people are still enjoying statement shirts. While this article of clothing has some advantages, there are a few statement shirts you should not dare wear.

Foul Statement Shirts You Should Not Dare Wear

Keep your cool with statement shirts by avoiding designs that speak the following:

Your Negative Thoughts

No matter how bad your day has been, there is no point wearing a shirt with a negative statement like ‘another day, another disaster’. You should spread positivity and not the other way around. You might bump into someone who just had a bad day. Imagine how terrible he would feel upon seeing what’s on your T-shirt.

Your Imperfections

Seriously, why do you have to tell the world you are ‘unemployed’ or you have just been ‘kicked out of school’? Is there anything to be proud about these situations? These are actually circumstances that could have been avoided if you did your part. What if a young child sees you wearing it? Do you think your shirt will have a good impact on the child’s way thinking?

Your bad habits

Shirts with statements ‘nice people take drugs’ or ‘I smoke weeds everyday’ should not have a room in your closet. It’s a waste of money and a self-destructing garment. You’re not only encouraging the young ones to do the same, you are also making people know that they should not trust you. Or not even get close to you.

Your personal issues

So your relationship is a mess. Will it change if you tell the world you’re on it? Why spend your hard earned money for a shirt with ‘I cheated on my wife’ or ‘I am a cheater’ statement? These are things that will not help you gain respect. It will only change the way people look at you. Supposing you really cheated on the person you had a relationship with, work on how you can improve your situation that dwell on it and keep on being reminded of what you did wrong.

Your hostile behavior

‘I’m going to punch you’ or any other statement of this kind are inappropriate customized T-shirt designs.  Wearing it is like inviting trouble. You’ll never know when you will encounter someone who has more aggressive behavior than yours. If you don’t want to appear like you do not want to be friends with anyone, avoid this design on your t-shirt.

Anti-Christian Shirts

Religion is not something that you should not take seriously. People value their beliefs to a great extent and they do not want anybody disrespecting their religion. If there is something else you believe in that opposes that of the other people, better keep it to yourself.

Your sexual fantasies

Sex and sexual preferences are matters that are supposed to be private. Avoid statement shirts that talk about your sexual fantasies. Do not take ones with sex-related graphics. Before you know it, people will start to avoid you because they think you are a maniac or you are not in the right state of mind to wear something like that.

Hate Shirts

Refrain from wearing hate T-shirts, especially ones that curse. As the saying goes, you are what you wear. You are only destroying your image with this kind of clothing. In a way, this type or statement shirt also mirrors how you were raised. You don’t want to hear unflattering remarks about your roots.

Benefits of a Statement Shirt<

With the right choices of designs, a statement shirt can actually be advantageous. Below are some of the great things about this trend that shirt lovers should not miss.

They make a great present no matter regardless of the occasion.

Because there are tons of statement shirt designs to choose from, it is easy to find one that suits anybody’s personality. There’s definitely a design that goes well with the occasion, too. If you can’t find the exact statement that you want, you can have it customized in a physical store or online shops.

They are perfect for reunions and other events.

Statement shirts are commonly used in reunions and other special gatherings where the attendees wish to be clothed in uniform. You can have the shirt printed with a statement that talks about the kind of gathering you will have or the person who will be celebrating a special life event.

Statement shirts are a versatile fashion item.

You can style with a statement shirt through a number of ways. By means of mix and match it with almost anything in your closet. You can go casual with this item or sport it in a formal occasion. It’s just a matter of picking the right pair and accessories.

They make a great instrument in expressing oneself.

There are times you just wake up wanting to express something. Life events such as discovering a new hobby, meeting a new friend or starting a new romantic relationship are exciting circumstances people sometimes cannot resist to tell the world. It’s good that there is a statement shirt which is a brilliant concept that lets everyone convey these emotions.

Statement shirts, provided that the designs you will choose are not offensive, are great apparel that can add variety to your closet. It comes in various fit, materials, colors, graphics and text. It is also widely available in the market and it’s impossible not to find one that will please you.  Nevertheless, keep in mind that personal preference is not always the thing with statement shirts. When you wear it, a lot of people can see it so you have to be responsible in what your clothes will feed them. Make it a point that your shirt does not hurt anyone’s feelings. See to it that it’s not insulting and rude. You can enjoy your statement shirt to its potential without crossing the boundaries.

6 Fashion Accessories That Go Well With A Hoodie

So you have got yourself some hoodies but you are beginning to wonder why you rarely use them. You probably know the answer why but you just don’t know how to work it out. It is clear you do not find your hoodies interesting anymore.

Yeah, it sounds weird but you are not alone. Us, grown-up folks, are the ones who buy most of our clothes yet we find ourselves questioning our own taste after the purchase. Since you cannot do anything about what’s already done, focus on what you are capable of doing instead! Try to bring to life these dull-looking hoodies.

Know how to spice up your hooded sweater outfits. Figure out the fashion accessories that go well with a hoodie. Your used-to-be-boring hoodie will suddenly become the apple of your eye.

Leather Skirt

A leather skirt is a great way to spice up your hoodie outfit. The length of the leather skirt depends on which one accentuates your asset. If your legs happen to be shapely and long, you might want to expose it with a mini skirt. A black leather skirt looks awesome with a light-colored hoodie! This outfit is perfect when paired with cool sneakers.

A Patterned Scarf

Any color of plain hoodie will surely get prettified with the use of a patterned scarf. This accessory is enough to brighten up your look. Make sure the design and color of the scarf complement that of your bottom clothes. There are various ways you can wear a scarf. You can try different methods to tie it and take your outfit up a notch. You can try on tying its ends to create a large loop, make it look like the infinity or make a bow out of it. The possibilities are endless when it comes to scarves. In fact, you can make use of it as a belt to somehow emphasize your figure while wearing a hoodie.


You need to have a great pair of boots to further smarten up your hoodie outfit. Whether you are planning on wearing shorts, skirt pants, everything will absolutely look glamorous with nice boots. You can have stacked boots or a dressy bootie if you want to go girly with your hoodie. A hoodie matched with a skirt or worn on top of a dress will surely look stunning with your boots on!

A Statement Necklace

Zip-up and pullover hoodies would look great if you wear a statement necklace. It may seem odd for something athletic-looking to be matched with a stylish necklace. But this tandem will take your hoodie outfit to a whole new level. Wear pleather pants with your hoodie and stilettos. Accessorize it with a fashionable necklace to neutralize the relaxed air the hoodie brings while eliciting the glamor of your bottoms.

Denim Jacket

Hoodies are not only meant for the cold weather. But when it gets really freezing, one great way to protect your body from the cold while keeping yourself in trend is adding up a jacket to your wardrobe. Wear a denim jacket on top of your hoodie. Pair it with skinny jeans and put on your sneaker for that fashionable, yet laid-back vibe.


Hoodies look great when you wear a beanie. It adds character to the outfit and also saves you from a bad hair day. A lot of fashionable beanies are now available. You can have it in different shapes, prints, and color. A simple hoodie and printed jeans make a great combination. With a nice hoodie on your head, you’ll surely capture everyone’s attention.

A Guide to Having the Perfect Hoodie

Having learned the accessories that go well with a hoodie, you will probably have more fun wearing this apparel. The next time you purchase a hoodie, consider the following tips so you’ll get the most of your hooded sweater attire.


Different materials are used in manufacturing hoodies. In most cases, the outside material is different from the one inside. The most common type of fabrics used for the hoodies’ outer part are cotton and fleece while the inner part is usually made up of either fur, fleece or cotton. These materials differ in terms of thickness and prices.


Just like any other articles of clothing, hoodies come in different styles. There are hoodies in athletic and feminine forms. Some are plaid and striped, while the others are in solid colors. Nowadays, hoodies with graphic images are also becoming a trend. Customized hoodies are cool items and they make a great piece for anyone to express himself. If you plan on having one, you’ll enjoy the wide array of designs available in the market.

Your Body Type

The hoodie you should purchase is one that flatters your body type. For instance, your figure falls into the hourglass category. The size of your hips and shoulders is balanced and your waist is slim. Going for hoodies with low necklines will surely work wonders. The hem of the hoodie should fall somewhere below the hips. There are certainly hoodies that correspond to your body type. No matter if your shape is oval, pear or rectangle, you will find a hoodie that will give emphasis to your asset.

The next time you set foot in a hoodie shop, you know which things you should concentrate on. You do not want your closet to be swamped by clothes you would not want to wear. Your hoodies do not have to be branded so long as you love how it looks on you and it does not defeat your purpose of wearing it then you are good to go.

Do not forget to invest on accessories suitable when wearing a hoodie so you will get its full potential in making you look presentable and stylish. It does not take much to look good on a hoodie. Just wear it with the right attitude along with some accessories and you will surely stand out.

What You Need to Know About Customized T-Shirts

From the moment the customized T-shirt was introduced in the market right up to this very day, this item remains one of the hottest trends. Who would not love having a garment with a personal touch? Whether you received it as a gift or you personally bought it for yourself, there’s something special about wearing customized T-shirts. While everybody already seems to have this type of garment, here’s the list of what you need to know about customized T-shirts in case you’ll planning to have one soon.

Guide to Finding the Best Customized T-Shirt

If this is your first time to shop for a customized T-shirt, you might get overwhelmed with the number of options you have. Whether you make your purchase at the comfort of your home through your internet access, or you buy it from a local store, there are definitely things that need consideration. You don’t just pick the first customized T-shirt you find. Savor the options and check on its quality.

Types of T-shirt Printing Method

When you set foot in any customized T-shirt store or you leaf through a website where this product is sold, you’ll be amazed at the number of choices you have in terms of design. But first-time shoppers of customized T-shirts are usually not aware how these designs are made. You must be aware of the different types of t-shirt printing method before you shop. This way, you’ll know which among these printing procedures offer the most durable and attractive end product.

  • Screen Printing or Silk Screen
    This method of T-shirt printing is considered the most popular. It involves usage of inks and chemically treated mesh screens, which enables an image to get printed on the fabric by means of burning.
  • Digital Printing
    Digital printing is also known as direct to garment printing or DTG printing. The image is placed on the fabric by using inkjet printers equipped with inkjet textile inks.
  • Heat Transfer
    This process involves printing the design on a specialty paper and transferring it to the fabric using a heat press machine.
  • Hand Painting
    Hand painting on T-shirt is done by means of spray painting or airbrushing.


Different fabrics are used in making a T-shirt. When shopping for a customized one, keep an eye on the material that makes up the shirt. Consider the purpose that you have in mind about why you will buy a customized T-shirt. Are you going to wear it for a casual affair? Do you want to have a customized T-shirt for the warm weather? Are you the athletic type or you’re always in a business gathering? There is absolutely one type of fabric that will match your preference and lifestyle. Take a look at some of the most popular customized T-shirt fabrics below.

  • Cotton
    As you are probably expecting, cotton is one of the best choices when it comes of customized T-shirt fabrics. This material is soft and breathable – the very same reasons why most people prefer wearing a shirt. Cotton stays in shape and does not wrinkle even with frequent use. The types of cotton used for customized T-shirt are organic, combed, slub, and suprima cotton.
  • Polyester
    Polyester is also an excellent T-shirt fabric characterized by durability. It can also tolerate repeated use and abuse. Polyester has a way to resist stretching. It is washing machine-friendly and it gets dry quite faster than the other types of fabric. Polyester is best for athletic individuals who want to try on customized T-shirts.
  • Linen
    Another type of fabric used for customized shirts is linen, which is derived from the flax plant. If you want your T-shirt to be lightweight and breathable, this fabric makes an excellent choice. Customized T-shirts made of linen are perfect for individuals who are fond of outdoor activities, especially during summer.

Design and Style

Before you head to a store to shop for customized T-shirts, it is imperative that you have a design and style in mind. Stick to this preference so you will not feel any remorse when you’ve already spent your hard earned money for it.


Be certain of your size and your preferred tightness when choosing a customized T-shirt. You don’t want to look like a fashion victim with a shirt that is a couple of sizes bigger than your actual dimension or one that’s too tight. You are not only making yourself look funny with these mistakes, you are also defeating the purpose of wearing a shirt which is to be comfortable.

Keep an eye on the details of the shirt’s fit like its tightness, shoulder seams, length, and sleeves. This is not much of a problem if you are going to buy in a local store. Extra precaution is necessary when buying online. Make sure the actual size of the customized T-shirt is clearly stated online so it’ll look perfectly suited to your body.

Also, be mindful of the type of collar or neckline of the T-shirt you will purchase. Know whether it’s the v-neck or crew neck collar that underscores your physical asset.


Choosing a color for your customized T-shirt should be dependent on your skin tone. The classic shirts are usually ones that come in solid colors like white, gray, black and navy. Plain shirts are the common type used for customized shirts. But if you are in the mood to be a little playful, you may also go for ones with stripes or any other pattern.


Graphics are the heart of customized shirts. It can either be an image or text. When choosing a graphic design for customized shirts, everything is acceptable. It basically depends on your personality and character. Of course, going for offensive designs is not tolerated especially because there are tons of unobjectionable designs to choose from. You can express yourself by having an image of the things you like to do most on your shirt. Your favorite basketball team, the sports you play, your hobby or even your favorite quote all make a great customized T-shirt design.

How to Wear Hoodies and Look Masculine

Hoodies are considered a staple in every man’s closet. It is a great piece of clothing that not only provides comfort but also enhances one’s style. You can wear it on an easygoing day when you simply want to dress down. But you can also wear it when there is an occasion that demands you to dress up. Although this garment is known for its versatility, there are some who regard hoodies as more appropriate to teens and younger boys. On the contrary, if a guy knows how to wear hoodies and look masculine, this piece of clothing can actually do wonders in his get up.

Hoodie Variants to Choose From

More and more people are becoming fond of this garment which drives tons of brands to come up with their own hoodie designs. These variants come in an array of fits, sizes, and colors. There are also ones with statements or those embellished with images or text.  You will absolutely enjoy the abounding options. However, do not get overwhelmed by these choices. It is imperative that you take into consideration your body type and skin tone when making your selection. Other factors such as age, your usual activities, and the kind of occasion where you plan on wearing the hoodies are also matters that you should be mindful about when picking a hoodie.

Common Types of Hooded Sweater

Zip up, half zip and pull over are the three basic types of a hoodie. The names of these types of hoodie already suggest the garment’s physical appearance. Although these types of hoodie only have a slight difference on how they look, each type emits distinct impact when mixed and matched with other garments.

3 Styling Tips on How to Wear Hoodies and Look Masculine

You can look masculine in any outfit so long as you know which style you should apply. It does not matter if hoodies are not as rugged as a leather jacket or as upright as a sports coat. Hoodies have its own way to trickle a guy’s manliness. With the right flair and attitude, machismo is only a piece of cake with hoodies.

Make it sporty

Sporting this look makes a guy hot. It gives an impression that a man is physically active and most girls find this attribute attractive. To look sporty on a hoodie, it is best to go for the zip up type. This type of hoodie looks more laidback than its contemporaries because it is easier to take off. Zip up hoodie also looks cool when you layer it with other garments. It appears more breathable and makes it easier for the wearer to move around.

If you regularly go to the gym, you can be clothed in a zip up hoodie as you head to the fitness center and just remove it when you begin warming up. Make sure you have appropriate bottoms to pair it with. Joggers and sporty shorts would look great with a zip up hoodie.

Go layered with a denim jacket

Style your hoodie by layering. A denim jacket is perfect for this purpose. Make sure you go for a light colored one and match it with a dark hoodie. This way, the focus will be on what’s inside the denim jacket. For this particular style, zip and pull over hoodies will work. Be careful in picking the colors of your layers. Do not get overly colorful or you’ll look like a teenybopper. Rock on your best pair of boots and you are good to go!

Exploit machismo with leather

Get the most of your hoodie by pairing it with a leather jacket. This combination effortlessly magnets attention. A simple shirt underneath a zip hoodie, topped by a leather jacket is just an awesome wardrobe that will surely let you have a taste of machismo like you’ve never experienced before. Pull over hoodies look just as great with a leather jacket on top of it. For this particular style, both black and lighter color hoodies will work. Avoid wearing bright colored hoodies because these just don’t harmonize with a black jacket.

A Guide to Accessorizing Hoodies

If you are thinking of adding up some accessories, it is important to take a thorough look at the hoodie’s attributes. Consider its color, pattern, weight and its material. While the other factors may not be too obvious, a mistake on color combination can break your wardrobe. Taking into account that this article of clothing is usually worn with other garments, going for hoodies with just one or two accents is recommended. Hoodies with more than two colors would be too loud. This will not help your goal to take your mannish appeal to the next level.

Choosing the Right Shoes for Hoodie Wardrobe

This entirely depends on whether you want to dress up or dress down. If you want to put on a relaxed air on your wardrobe, a pair of Chuck Taylor will do wonders. On the other hand, wearing a pair of slip-on made of leather will make you look dashing in a rather proper hoodie ensemble. Do not be afraid to try on different footwear when wearing a hoodie. While keeping in mind the prescribed wardrobe at your destination, you can be sprightly in matching up shoes and hoodies.

Final Words on Looking Masculine with Hoodies

Hoodies are capable of exuding the wearer’s masculinity, it is beyond doubt. However, it is all in the hands of the person how he will bring it on. On account of hoodies’ versatility, it will not give anyone a hard time to establish whatever character he wants to corroborate with his wardrobe. While style is an essential part of dressing up, one’s attitude also plays a vital role on how it will come out.

Make sure you wear your wardrobe with confidence. Masculinity naturally comes out if the guy has self-esteem. You will exhibit the right attitude if you are certain of your potential and it will surface on your looks without having to try.

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